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IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)

'365 Smart Fresh' offers high quality IQF ( Individually Quick Frozen/ Bulk Freezing ) in over 50 different types of vegetables and fruits such as Peas, Mixed Vegetables ( Peas, Carrot, Cauliflower, French Beans), Carrot, Cauliflower, French Beans, American Sweet Corn, Baby Corn, Baby Potato's etc and different varieties of fruits like strawberry, Papaya cubes, Pineapple Slices, Alphonso Mango slices, Totapari Mango Slices etc.

IQF Commonly known as Flash Freezing is a commercial Freezing technology that allows Vegetables and fruits to retain its high nutrition, taste, hygiene and quality. Since whole fruits / vegetables are individually frozen, particles do not cohere and the final product is not frozen into a solid block. IQF products have long shelf life. The products are packed in unique food grade packaging at -18° C. The product is finally stored at -20° C till shipment.

The ' 365 Smart Fresh' range of products are processed and packaged without any chemicals and preservatives. They are 100 % natural.

Currently, the range of products exported in this category are-:

1 IQF Vegetables

2 IQF Fruits ( Chunks, Cubes, Slices etc )

3     IQF Indian Ethnic Vegetables

4     IQF Indian ethnic snacks ( such as Samosa, Potato Tikki, Vegetable            Kofta, Malai Kofta and Bhalle etc.


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