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pani puri Kit

Moteshah's brings you the king of street food right in your home. This all-time favourite snack is known by different names in different places. It is called by various names such as Gol Gappas, Pani ke Bataashe, Puchka, Gup Chup and Pani Puri. Call it what you may but Pani Puri continues to add spice in people’s lives with its sweet, spicy and sour taste. It is a snack for people of all ages.

Moteshah’s Pani Puri kit with Pani Puri, Chatni (with chick peas) and Pani Puri Masala is a mouth-watering treat. Open the box of happiness and indulge in Moteshah’s Pani Puri’s. The Pani Puri is sure to explode in a burst of textures and flavours in your mouth. Go gorge on Moteshah’s Pani Puri, it is sure to leave your taste-buds tingling!

Moteshah’s Pani Puri Kit contains:

Pani Puri ingredients: - Wheat Flour, Semolina Flour, Edible Oil, Permitted additives (e 202)

Chatni Ingredients: - Sugar, Mango powder, Red Chilly, Salt, Dry Ginger Powder, Cardamom Powder

Panipuri Masala: - Sugar, Salt, Black Salt, Mango Powder, Mint Powder, Cumin seeds & Asafetida

 Net Wt :- 300 g (10.58 Oz)

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